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Need to wind up an estate involving foreign estates? We live in a shrinking world. More and more people are choosing to spend their golden years overseas. If a loved one dies in Scotland, or at home having lived in Scotland, there is likely to be an international dimension to their estate. They may still hold assets in Scotland including property or investments, or physical property they have bequeathed to others may rest in Scotland.

Winding up Foreign Estates in Scotland

At Wilson & Fish Solicitors, we can help you wind up a loved one’s estate in Scotland wherever in the world you are located. We can offer executry legal services in connection with estates/assets in Scotland to clients anywhere in the world. Contact us today on 0141 222 7951 or fill out the online enquiry form.

Probate in Scotland for Assets/Estate of Australian & New Zealand Citizens

We already have executry clients in the USA, Cyprus, Australia and New Zealand. We provide our full range of executry services to individuals located overseas. We have extensive experience in this field:

in one case, we were contacted by a solicitor in NZ whose client had been informed that a distant relative had died in Scotland and there may be some assets due to him.
We contacted the client directly and took instructions on the matter.

We instructed our genealogy researchers to carry out a report on the family of the deceased with a view to establishing that our client did have a right to claim the estate in Scotland.

We then followed up the report with enquiries of our own to ensure that there were no other entitled relatives. We then were able to obtain a bond of caution and have our client appointed as executor to the estate.

Finally, we were able to uplift the funds held by QLTR.

The client, Mr. McD from New Zealand, had this to say:

“Thank you for your note with the associated invoices, I will not require a hard copy of these documents It has seemed to be a long process but you have kept me advised of the process which is refreshing. Perhaps I am now a little better aware of the legal issues associated with not having a will. Again thanks to your help it has been a pleasure.

On another occasion, we were contacted by a client whose aunt had died without a will. His aunt lived in Cyprus and local solicitors were winding up the estate there. We were instructed to obtain confirmation to and ingather the estate in Scotland.

This involved liaising with the Cypriot Solicitors to obtain the relevant documents to establish our clients' legal right to the estate under Cypriot law and to have these documents translated into English and certified by an expert on Cypriot law.

Once the certification was available we were able to obtain a bond of caution and confirmation to the estate.

The client had this to say:

"I must admit I would rather deal with Scottish Lawyers anyday. You are the only company I have dealt with for many years that keeps me informed without asking. It will put my faith back in the Legal System.

I wish your fellow legal collegues from Cyprus could follow your actions."

Another client for whom we acted in connection with an international executry said:

"I am glad it is finally coming to an end and can say it is only due to your hard work and expertise.

I will always be indebted to you for this.

I will recommend the Services of Wilson & Fish when I can, as you have restored my faith in the Legal Profession."

Winding up the Estate of New York (US-based Citizen) in Scotland

We also have experience of winding up estates in conjunction with executors based in the US. In one case, a Doctor living in New York died with assets in Scotland and across the UK. The executors met up with us and we were able to help them to wind up the estate insofar as the assets in Scotland were concerned.

We understand that the death of a loved one is a confusing, stressful time and that the last thing you want to do is deal with overseas authorities to have your loved one’s affairs brought to an end. If you need international executry assistance, contact us today.

Estate Administration Lawyers Glasgow, Scotland

For advice on all aspects of winding up the estate of a deceased person in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Stirling, Aberdeen, Dundee, Paisley or elsewhere in Scotland, from anywhere in the world, contact us on 0141 222 7951

My brothers and I were beneficiaries of an estate in Scotland. Since we live in America, we hoped we could find a firm we could trust to carry out the estate settlement in Scotland on our behalf. We feel lucky to have found Wilson & Fish who did a thorough and professional job, with a minimum of fuss and for a fair and reasonable fee. - Bart Brownell
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