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Monday 02 October 2017

In 21st century society when we are more socially mobile than ever before, it is not uncommon to have some sort of asset in another country. More often than not this will be a property, possibly used for holiday purposes or with a…

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Thursday 13 April 2017
Last year, that Mrs Ilott, an estranged daughter ‘written out’ of her mother’s Will, was awarded £164,000 from her mother’s estate made headlines. The English case concerned the Will of Mrs Jackson who died in 2004. As noted in a previous blog (available to read here), Mrs Jackson had left a majority of her estate to charities…

Wednesday 08 February 2017
The Inheritance Tax allowance for married homeowner couples is set to increase to £1 million by 2020. Each parent will be able to leave £500,000 in property – up from the current £325,000 per person – without paying Inheritance Tax. This is great news for the rising number of people whose estates are now falling within the…

Tuesday 11 October 2016
Many people have a very pre-set idea of what it means to plan for a time when they pass away, or ‘estate planning’ to use traditional legal terminology. They will know that this will involve bringing together an index of their property that they own and setting down in their will what is to happen to this…

Tuesday 11 October 2016
Being an executor of someone's estate is no easy task and can often lead to difficulties among surviving family members. It was recently reported (available here) that the wife of famous Indian actor, Bobby Deoul, Tania, is seeking the removal of the executor of her late father’s will, Ravi Kiran Aggarwal, from his position. This dispute is…

Monday 04 July 2016
When a loved one dies, their affairs will need to be organised and their assets distributed to their surviving relatives, according to either the terms of a Will or the intestacy rules. Although it is often referred to as probate (the term used south of the border), this process is called executry in Scotland. It is often…

Thursday 28 April 2016
Following the death of music superstar Prince, speculation has been growing in the media over the size of the estate Prince left behind, and whether or not he had written a will. According to Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson, who is his only full sibling, there is no will and she has applied to court to have an…


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