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Government recommends writing a social media will

A blog post on the US Government's website recommends that people create a social media will to set out how their online profile and identity should be handled after they die.

According to the post, a social media will is similar in many ways to a traditional will. An executor should be appointed, who will be responsible for carrying out the instructions left in the will regarding the social media sites. The executor should be provided with a list of all the websites that will be affected, as well as the relevant log-on and password details.

The US Government advises that the social media will should clearly set out what the executor is to do with the sites where the deceased has a social media presence. For example, online profiles could be completely closed down, or left open as a memorial for family and friends to visit.

Before creating the will, the post advises reading the terms and conditions of the relevant social media sites to ensure that the instructions given in the will are compatible with these.

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