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Recent research has found that 47% of UK adults have never discussed inheritance planning. Many of those polled indicated that they had not raised the subject with family members because they did not feel they were old enough for inheritance to be an important topic of conversation. However, others avoided the subject because they do not like discussing death (14%), and because they view inheritance as a morbid subject (11%).

We have previously discussed the importance of writing a Will – this ensures that your family is protected, and that your intentions regarding your property, rather than the default legal rules, are given effect. Of course, we understand that inheritance is not likely to be a popular topic of conversation among your family and friends. However, we are concerned that the research indicates that the awkwardness around the subject of inheritance is preventing individuals from ensuring that their estates are properly distributed after death.

Inheritance is always a difficult topic, but, if you inform your family that you are making a Will, they may be willing to talk things over with you. Wilson & Fish is able to assist in facilitating discussions on inheritance planning with you and those closest to you.

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