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A family and estate executors are in dispute over the ownership of a listed farmhouse in Cornwall worth around £800,000, reports the Daily Mail.

William 'Bill' Taylor, a former art historian, had invited his nephew and family to leave their own home in Sheffield and live with him in his farmhouse after a burglary left him feeling uneasy about living alone.

According to the nephew, Roger Taylor, his uncle promised to leave them his farmhouse in compensation for uprooting their own lives to keep him company. Bill Taylor denied ever having made such a promise.

Bill Taylor died in 2010, and his last will, signed in 2009, left £650,000 of his estate, worth over £1 million in total, to charity. The rest of his estate was to be split between various family members, including Roger Taylor, on the condition that his family moved out of the farmhouse.

In August 2011 a judge awarded Roger Taylor and his family full ownership of the farmhouse, accepting their claim that they would never have left their lives in Sheffield if Bill Taylor had not promised to leave the house to them.

This judgment is now being reviewed by the Court of Appeal, after the executors of the estate claimed that the award of the whole property was disproportionate.

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