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Appointing More Than One Executor

Appointing More Than One Executor

In a recent blog post we looked at some of the considerations to be taken into account when deciding who to appoint as the executor of your estate in your will. In this post we look at whether it is advisable to appoint more than one executor. 

There are several advantages to having at least two executors named in your will, although for reasons of practicality we wouldn’t recommend that you appoint any more than three.

One of the main advantages in having two executors is that should anything happen to one of the executors, there is still someone available to carry out the important task of winding up the estate.

Another advantage is that it allows your executors to share what can be a complex and onerous responsibility. Appointing a legal professional to be one of your executors in addition to a family member or friend can be a sensible approach, as the lawyer can ensure the legal aspects of the role are fulfilled, leaving the family member or friend to handle the more personal aspects, such as communicating with the rest of the family. This is particularly recommended if one of your executors is your spouse or partner, as they might find it too much to have to deal with the practical aspects of executry while trying to come to terms with your passing.

However, an obvious disadvantage to multiple executors is the possibility that they might not get on and be unable to agree on the right course of action when dealing with the estate. You will also need to clarify in your will whether you want your executors to be able to act individually, with each having the full authority to act without the other, or whether they have to work jointly, which means they will have to reach agreement before taking any action.

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