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Executry services are often a distress purchase, made when emotions are running high, and as a result, you could find yourself paying much more than is necessary. Executry services are offered by many different business areas such as banks, funeral directors and accountants, and it can be difficult for a recently bereaved to decide who to turn to for reliable and trustworthy advice at a reasonable price.

Call us for your quote today on 0141 222 7951. In most cases we can offer a fixed fee for winding up an estate.

What will it cost to wind up an Estate?

At Wilson & Fish we provide legal expertise and excellent service at a fair price.

Different providers have different methods of charging fees. A fixed percentage of the estate value is common. The percentage charge can vary from 2% to 4 %. Which.co.uk have written an independent and informative article on the costs charged.

Wilson and Fish never charge a fee based on a percentage of the estate. It makes no sense to us. We charge a fee based on the time involved in completing the work.

Our fee quotes are based upon the complexity of the estate and the resulting work required to administer and wind up the estate. We can offer a fixed fee quote in most cases.

Sometimes if the estate is complicated then we will only be able to provide an estimate of our fees.

If you are comparing fees you should ensure that you obtain a fee quote and a breakdown of the work included in the fee quote.

To give you an idea of the sort of fees we charge here are some examples-

In October 2020 we provided a Confirmation Only Service for the following price-

Our Fee £1,000.00
VAT £200.00
Disbursements NIL
TOTAL £1,200.00

In September 2020 we completed the winding up of a Testate small Excepted Estate with one executor and one beneficiary. The cost was-

Our Fee £2,400.00
VAT £480.00
Disbursements £266.00
TOTAL £3,146.00

In November 2020 we completed the winding up of a Testate large Excepted Estate with two executors and six beneficiaries. The cost was-

Our Fee £6,500.00
VAT £1,300.00
Disbursements £820.00
TOTAL £8,620.00

In December 2020 we completed the winding up of Large Estate which included IHT considerations, 6 Beneficiaries and 10 Legatees and our fee was-

Our Fee £10,060.00
VAT £1,812.00
Disbursements £980.00
TOTAL £13,052.00

Costs of Probate in Scotland

Probate Cost ScotlandOften when the deceased use a bank to draw up their Will, they will be persuaded to appoint the bank as co-executor. The bank charges are usually based on the value of the estate, however, some charge for work done by the task or hour, and many charge for both. Banks regularly charge much higher fees than solicitors; between 4% and 5% of the value of the estate - this could mean hefty charges depending on the size of the estate. Solicitors, on the other hand, are subject to strict regulation by the Law Society of Scotland to ensure that they deliver a fair service. Solicitors are required to be transparent about fees and charges from the outset of their relationship with their client, and to charge a fee that is ‘fair and reasonable’ to their clients. Solicitors are also required to have insurance, while the Law Society of Scotland also provides a compensation fund for when things go wrong. With the agreement of all the beneficiaries, it is possible to ask the bank to step down from the executor role; if the bank refuses, however, you will have to apply to the court to remove them.

Confirmation Fees Scotland 

Other business types providing executry services do not have the same protection or rules and can be a riskier choice for consumers. Choosing a solicitor to handle often highly complex executry work ensures a high level of service and expertise, plus guaranteed consumer protection.

Have a look at our reviews here-

"My brothers and I were beneficiaries of an estate in Scotland. Since we live in America, we hoped we could find a firm we could trust to carry out the estate settlement in Scotland on our behalf. We feel lucky to have found Wilson & Fish who did a thorough and professional job, with a minimum of fuss and for a fair and reasonable fee."

- Bart Brownell - April 2019, 5stars

"The service we received from Donna and the team at Wilson & Fish was geuinely helpful and professional from start to finish. Even when we made errors in the documents sent out to us, the errors were corrected without fuss and with prompt efficiency. We received regular updates and communication regarding the progress of our case and any queries we had were dealt with effectively which gave us real confidence in their knowledge and skill. If you are looking for legal representation with probate expertise then put your trust in Wilson & Fish Solicitors - they will handle your case with empathy, honesty and experience, and nothing will be too much trouble for them. Wonderful service and absolutely good value. "

- J Kerr & C Kerr, Scotland, April 2019 5stars

"Having never dealt with Solicitors, I was dubious about getting in touch. I'm so glad that I did though, professional throughout. Gave me a step by step guide on what would happen and how long it would take. I was also provided with an estimate of how much their services would cost, the figure was broken down to show me exactly where the money was going and was very, very reasonable. Always happy to answer any question that I had. I would 100% recommend this company. A special thank you to Donna for all her hard work - a credit to her profession."

- Gavin Travers, April 2020 5stars

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Our basis for charging fees is always made clear at the start. We do not charge on the value of the Estate. We can offer fixed fees in many cases.

"At the outset they clearly set out their fee structure which was very fair and proportionate".

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