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Wilson & Fish are an executry (probate) legal practice based in Scotland. Our expert executry solicitors specialise in administering and winding up estates. In essence, acting as executor means that you will be responsible for working out the value of the estate, collecting all of the money due to the deceased's estate and meeting any outstanding debts and taxes. In addition to, distributing the estate to those entitled under the will (or relevant intestacy laws, if you are an executor dative), and, where required, paying inheritance tax. We fully understand that acting as an executor can be a daunting task, therefore will endeavour to support you as best we can in carrying out your executry duties.

How Much Time Will I Need to Complete My Executry Duties?

The amount of time required to wind up an estate properly will depend on various factors. Most importantly, you will need to consider the size and complexity of the deceased's estate. However, you can also consider whether and how you would like to be supported by an expert executry solicitor. We offer a personalised service tailored to each individual client and will respect your wishes as to which executry duties you would personally like to carry out, and which you feel are best delegated to a professional. There are certain time limits, such as a deadline for inheritance tax payments, which must be adhered to, and we will advise you as to how to discharge your duties and wind up the estate in good time.

Clients sometimes find it beneficial to inform their workplace that they will be acting as an executor, so that they might permit you to work around appointments with solicitors and contact, for example, the deceased’s bank and utility providers within working hours. You might also wish to let your friends and loved ones know that you are acting as an executor so that they can help you through a difficult time.

Contacting a Solicitor

Deciding whether or not to seek assistance from an executry solicitor is a personal choice for the executor concerned. Generally speaking, the winding up process is less complex in respect of small estates (with a total value of less than £36,000), and your local Sheriff Court will be able to assist in this situation. However, executors are personally responsible for any mistakes made in the winding up process. In deciding whether to seek legal advice, may wish to consider whether you will feel confident navigating the relevant legal documents and procedures, whether there are any complicated aspects of the estate and/or the Will, and the amount of time which you are able to devote to the executry process.

The Deceased’s Loved ones

Your role as executor is to carry out the deceased’s wishes as set out in the will (and any accompanying notes of intention in which they might have elaborated on the provisions of the will). However, you might also wish to prepare for your role as executor by consulting with the deceased's other loved ones, including close friends in matters such as the funeral arrangements. If the deceased did not leave instructions as to their funeral or left only very basic provisions in their will, then you might wish to have the input of those close to the deceased in making plans for the funeral.

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At Wilson & Fish, our skilled and experienced lawyers understand that the role of an executor can be daunting and stressful, which is why we are on hand to help. If you would like to discuss how our solicitors can assist you in preparing to act as an executor, or any other executry matters, please contact us by telephone on 0141 222 7951 or via our online form.


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