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Winding up Foreign Estates in Scotland

Wilson & Fish is a specialist executry (probate) legal practice. Our experienced lawyers can advise on the best course of action for dealing with foreign estates from Scotland. We appreciate that winding up an estate can be an emotional experience and will always seek to ensure that the added complexities of foreign estates do not unnecessarily prolong the process. You can read testimonials from clients whom we have helped to wind up foreign estates here.

Foreign Estate Executry Lawyers ScotlandIf you are the executor of a Will of a person who lived abroad, it will almost certainly be easiest and most convenient for you to wind up the estate from your home in Scotland, rather than dealing with foreign legal procedures and documents. Similarly, if a loved one has died intestate in another country, we can advise on whether you can apply to be appointed executor and have their estate wound up in Scotland.

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Unfortunately, it will not always be possible to wind up foreign estates in Scotland. It will depend on the laws of the country in which the deceased lived, considered together with Scots law. The laws determining jurisdiction to wind up estates can be complex, and our experienced lawyers will ensure that the first step is to provide you with a concise and accurate statement of the law. If it will not be possible to wind up the estate in Scotland, we can assist you in securing translations of relevant documents and identifying foreign lawyers who can assist you further where required.

Where the estate can be wound up in Scotland, our solicitors will ensure that you receive permission to deal with the estate in Scotland as quickly as possible. We will liaise on your behalf with the relevant foreign authorities to ensure that all necessary paperwork is obtained and, where necessary, translated so that you can apply for confirmation in Scotland and begin the ingathering process.

We can also assist clients acting as executors where the deceased lived in Scotland but had property abroad, such as a holiday home. Our solicitors are experienced in securing valuations for overseas properties and, where the beneficiary is to inherit a cash sum, arranging for sales. We can instruct foreign solicitors and will always ensure any such work is completed efficiently and at a reasonable rate.

Scottish Aspects of Foreign Estates

At Wilson & Fish, our lawyers also have extensive experience in advising overseas solicitors on Scots law issues concerning their clients' estates (for example, clients who owned property in Scotland). If you are a lawyer in another jurisdiction and require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our solicitors can also assist in identifying Scottish-domiciled beneficiaries.

"Following the untimely death of a family member and living 400 miles away our family considers itself very fortunate to have instructed this firm to act on our behalf. Helpful, sympathetic, professional and beyond all trustworthy, Donna was approachable and returned emails and phone calls promptly and dealt with unexpected problems timely and efficiently. A superb service which we highly recommend."

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