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Wilson and Fish Solicitors specialise in Probate, Executry and Estate Administration

If you have been told that you need to get Probate in Scotland we can help you. Wilson and Fish are specialist solicitors who do this every day. We can guide you through the process and take care of all of the legal and administrative issues.

The death of a spouse, relative or loved one is a traumatic and difficult time. Often our clients are grieving and the prospect of dealing with the estate of the deceased is a daunting task. A specialist solicitor can help you with the responsibility of being an Executor and make the task of winding up an estate clearer and less worrying.

If you have been appointed executor of an estate and need help applying for confirmation, call our probate lawyers on 0141 222 7951 or, to request a callback, click here and we will get back to you without delay.

Is Probate in Scotland Different?

Probate ScotlandProbate is the process through which the executor is granted legal title to the deceased's assets or estate. The Grant of Probate allows the executor to ingather the assets and pay them over to the beneficiaries of the estate. In Scotland Probate is more correctly termed Confirmation and you may have heard or used this term. Both Confirmation and Probate are obtained by making an application to the court. In Scotland, we prepare a detailed list of the deceased's assets known as an Inventory and the court grants Confirmation to these assets.

"This is a professional practice providing plain-speaking, cost-effective advice. They handled both the estate wind-up and sale of the family home. This exercise was especially difficult due to family not being in the country. Despite this, the firm handled everything smoothly and held regular phone call updates. I would recommend this firm, in particular Donna, for anyone seeking legal advice on probate matters." - Kate Jolly
probate in scotland

Specialist Expertise

By instructing a firm of solicitors with expertise you will have your questions answered clearly and quickly and our solicitors will be able to guide you through the entire process. You will have less stress and worry and you will know your duties and obligations are being properly carried out.

Probate Lawyers in ScotlandIf you have been appointed as Executor in a Will the process of dealing with the deceased's estate can be daunting. There is a lot of administration and paperwork involved, not to mention strict legal rules and compliance issues. Taxation of estates, both income tax and inheritance tax (IHT) can become very complicated.

The courts procedures can be intimidating, the management of estate funds and bank accounts are fraught with danger for the inexperienced or unwary. Wilson & Fish can take care of all these issues and ensure that as Executor you carry out your responsibilities and wind up the estate quickly and efficiently.

If you plan to instruct a solicitor you should consider instructing a firm that specialises in this type of work.  Many solicitors do a little bit of everything whereas Wilson & Fish we only do Probate and Executry work. This means that you get legal expertise, an understanding of your needs and a clear idea of the costs. It is not always appreciated that as executor you are entitled to instruct a solicitor of your choice to act for you in the winding up of the estate. The solicitor will be paid from the estate funds, which means there is usually no direct cost to you. You should consider appointing a specialist firm of solicitors as they will have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process.

International and Overseas Assets

Nowadays, many estates have an international dimension. As people become more widely travelled, it is more common for people to own property and assets overseas. If the estate includes assets overseas it is more important than ever to instruct a firm of specialists who have the experience and knowledge to deal with complicated estates. 


Wilson & Fish's expertise will ensure that as the Executor your duties are completed and your obligations to the beneficiaries are discharged.

Based in Glasgow, Wilson and Fish's probate lawyers are specialists in executry, probate and Confirmation.

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Our Executry (Probate) FAQs may be helpful if you would like to understand more about the process.

"After having three times unsuccessfully submitted documents to the Sheriff court for confirmation and the court being unable to give advice due to the value of the estate, I had phoned a number solicitors looking for a fixed price to carry out the work but was only being given hourly rates it was then that I found the details for Wilson Fish online and contacted them. The process was done very fast and was sorted out quickly. Thank you for your assistance."

- Boilerdoctor Accounts, Scotland, January 2020 5stars

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If you have been appointed executor of an estate and need help applying for confirmation, call our probate lawyers on 0141 222 7951 or, to make an enquiry and request a callback, click here.


We are a niche firm specialising in Executry, Probate & Estate Administration.

"A thorough understanding of everything they dealt with."; "I cannot recommend this firm highly enough. They are excellent at what they do."  

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Our basis for charging fees is always made clear at the start. We do not charge on the value of the Estate. We can offer fixed fees in many cases.

"At the outset they clearly set out their fee structure which was very fair and proportionate".

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