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Do you live in Australia and need International Executry Legal Help for Assets in Scotland?

Do you live in Australia and need International Executry Legal Help for Assets in Scotland?

When you have suffered a bereavement, the thought of dealing with your loved one’s estate can feel overwhelming – all the more so if the estate includes assets overseas. If you live in Australia and need guidance with international executry in Scotland, Wilson & Fish can help. We specialise in Executry, Probate and Estate Administration, offering comprehensive advice on even the most complex executry situations.

For assistance winding up an estate or managing assets located in Scotland, contact Wilson & Fish today on 0141 222 7951 or via our online contact form.  

Obtaining Scottish legal advice for international executry

Although it is not mandatory to have legal assistance when winding up an estate in Scotland, it is advisable. Making sense of the legal complexities of executry can be difficult, especially at an emotional time. If part or all of an estate is located thousands of miles away and must be dealt with under foreign laws, the challenge can feel insurmountable.

Scottish international executry lawyers for Australia

We can handle even the most complex estates, and with the support of our talented legal team experienced in international executry, we will ensure matters are settled swiftly and accurately, with the minimum amount of stress.  We can assist with:

Is it necessary to travel to Scotland?

If you live in Australia, working with a legal firm based in Scotland means there is no need for you to travel to Scotland yourself. Wilson & Fish can deal with the estate on your behalf, and you can save the time, expense and stress of long-haul flights and time away from home.

Our international executry team regularly works with clients based in Australia and will take time differences into account when co-operating with your local solicitor and keeping you up-to-date with proceedings.  

Should the legal firm be local to the asset?

The firm you choose to work with does not need to be local to the asset. No matter where in Scotland the asset is based, Wilson & Fish can act for you.

Is legal advice expensive?

Winding up a loved one’s estate can be confusing and emotionally demanding. At Wilson & Fish, we understand that legal assistance can be invaluable, and that is why we aim to make it accessible. Our fee structure is always clearly explained ahead of time, and charges are never based on the value of the estate. Fees are paid for by the estate, so you will never receive an unexpected bill.

Contact our International Executry Lawyers for Australia

No two situations requiring international executry are the same. Whether you are dealing with a simple or highly intricate estate, it is always recommended that it is handled and unravelled by specialists in the field. Wilson & Fish’s unparalleled experience in Executry, Probate and Estate Administration means we can offer specific, reliable guidance in every case. For further guidance, talk to us today on 0141 222 7951 or use our online contact form to get in touch.