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Timescales Can Vary When Settling an Estate

Timescales Can Vary When Settling an Estate

When a family member or other loved one dies, it can be hard for those closest to them to move on and find any sort of closure, particularly while work is ongoing to settle the deceased’s estate. As a result, a question of common concern to the recently bereaved is; ‘how long will it take to settle the estate?’ 

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question. Generally the time taken will depend on the size and complexity of the estate – the bigger or more complex the estate, the longer it is likely to take to administer.

Factors that can affect the timescales involved include:

  • Whether or not the deceased left a Will. If there is no Will then it will be up to the court to appoint an Executor to administer the estate, which could cause a delay. The Executor will then have to identify who the rightful beneficiaries are under Scotland’s laws of succession.
  • Whether the estate contains property that needs to be sold. This again could lengthen the process, depending on the time taken to bring the property to market and attract a buyer.
  • Difficulties experienced in identifying all the assets to be included in the estate. For example, assets held overseas, or assets held jointly with other parties.
  • Locating the heirs to the estate. If contact details for beneficiaries named under the Will are not readily available or are out of date then this can delay the final settlement of the estate.

One of the best ways to ensure an estate is settled as quickly and efficiently as possible is to use professional Executry & Probate solicitors. They will also be able to use their experience and judgement to give you an indication of the expected length of the process.

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